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Friday, April 24, 2009

10 Ways to Lower your Car Insurance Payments

Many people buy their own cars because it makes life easier. However, many also struggle with the costs that come with maintaining a car especially when it comes to making car insurance payments. Many car owners are continuously in search for better ways to lower their car insurance premiums. What most do is simply search for companies that provide cheap car insurance. However, what many do not know is that they can save so much more just by following a few simple tips.

For those who aim to save on car insurance payments, the first thing to do is make sure to shop around every so often. In fact, the reason why six-month car insurance polices are most preferred is that it allows car owners to switch and buy car insurance from other providers at the soonest possible time. This means that it is important to continuously survey the insurance market to search for the cheapest car insurance around. Some people find that it is most effective to check out rates for car insurance online while others learn about the cheapest services from their friends and family. No matter what your preferred method for getting car insurance quotes may be, the bottom line is to find the best car insurance to not only suit your lifestyle but your budget as well. Many people who make this a practice report savings of over $300 on policies valid for six months. This would translate to so much more in a span of one year.

Another thing to consider when trying lowering your car insurance payments is to take the option for higher deductibles. Many car owners feel afraid to do this because choosing higher deductibles means shelling out so much more money in case they get into a huge accident. However, the logic behind choosing higher deductibles is pretty sound. Obviously, higher deductibles mean lower premiums. Therefore, lower car insurance payments. Car owners should not worry too much about higher payments when a major accident happens because minor accidents happen more often than major ones and when it comes to minor damages, car owners will still pay the same amount.

Many motorists prefer paying for their premiums in monthly installments because it allows them to shell out a relatively smaller amount at a given time and budget their car insurance payments along with the rest of their monthly expenses. However, what they do not realize is that even the cheapest car insurance providers add on administrative fees for each payment. Even if the additional amount is only $7 or so, for people paying their premiums at monthly installments, this could easily add up to $84 which they could have saved over the period of that one year

Another useful tip to help you lower your car insurance payments is to also look around for companies providing multi-line insurance. This means that you purchase all your insurance from the same company. Most insurers offer huge discounts for this. However, many people still try to look for cheap providers for each type of insurance they need. What they do not realize is that getting their car insurance and home insurance from just one provider can easily translate to about 15% savings.

Furthermore, if you think of yourself as a good driver and no evidence to prove otherwise can be gathered, here’s a good tip for you: look for car insurance providers that can reward you with big discounts simply because of your driving. In fact, some states such as California have made it illegal for car insurance providers to disregard good driving discounts. So, if you have not gotten yourself into any car accidents or received tickets for at least the past three years, do some research or ask around. You may qualify for lower premiums.

Nowadays, a lot of insurance companies will base the prices of their car insurance policies on your credit history. If you have been diligent in building a solid credit standing, then you stand a good chance on getting lower car insurance quotes when you buy car insurance. Aside from making sure unpaid bills don’t pile up, keep your credit balance as low as possible and don’t acquire more credit than you need. Keep your records updated and make sure to correct any errors so your credit history remains accurate.

Many car insurance companies also offer discounts to people whose cars have safety features. Airbags, seatbelts, anti-lock braking systems and other factory-installed safety features on your car may help you find the cheapest car insurance you can get. Make sure you tell your insurer that you have such features installed on your vehicle when you get car insurance quotes.

Sometimes it pays to be diligent to the point of being anal. If you want the cheapest car insurance you can get, you should review your car insurance coverage to check for unnecessary expenses in it. If you’re not thorough you may be spending on additional coverage that you don’t need or already have. A perfect example would be towing services. Most, if not all, auto clubs provide such services yet this is part of most car insurance policies as well. So before you buy car insurance review the car insurance quotes you’ve gotten and eliminate all the unneeded expenses.

If you’re looking for cheap car insurance, look for insurers that give discounts to students and senior citizens. Some car insurance companies will offer discounts for students with good academic records and for drivers over the age of 50. Ask around or research on car insurance online, as well, if you have a college student in your family. Some insurers give discounts to parents with college-age children who go to school a certain distance away from home and don’t bring a car to their campus.

One last great tip to lower you car insurance payments is to use your car less. There are a lot of car insurance companies that will give you discounts if you keep the annual mileage on your vehicle low. So, evaluate how you use your car. If you make frequent short trips around town you might consider planning ahead and organizing all your errands so you can check all of it off your list in as few trips as possible.

One thing to remember though is that car insurance companies may differ in what they consider to be low annual mileage, so do your research. If you think you might be able to lower your mileage then get updated car insurance quotes.

Following just a few of these recommendations will surely help you lower your car insurance payments. Remember, it is not always about finding the cheapest car insurance provider. Most of the time, it is simply about knowing your options and weighing them to find the perfect car insurance strategy for you.

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Life Insurance Information

Life insurance is great for individuals that have a family, dependents and earn the most income to support their family. Life is unpredictable and it is important to ensure your family and loved ones are taken care of financially in case anything happens to you.

When shopping for life insurance in South Carolina, searching online and using the internet's resources are a great way to educate yourself on life insurance basics, shop and compare quotes for the best life insurance policy for you. There are three different types of life insurance policies - universal life insurance, cheap whole life insurance and cheap term life insurance.

* Universal Life Insurance - combines life insurance with savings. Insurers are able to have the benefits of term life insurance and combine that with tax-deferred interest accumulating savings account. Sometimes you may not even have to pay premiums during the entire policy. If your money to pay the death benefit and other costs accumulates in the tax-deferred savings portion of your policy, then premiums may not be required to keep the policy in force.

* Cheap Whole Life Insurance - this type of policy will cover you for your entire life. Your death benefit and premium generally remain the same. Whole life insurance also builds cash value, which could enable you to earn a return on a portion of your premiums that the insurance company invests. Your cash value is tax-deferred until you withdraw it and you are also able to borrow against that money.

* Cheap Term Life Insurance - this type of life insurance is low cost and great for young healthy individuals who are healthy and may not be able to afford cash-value life insurance premiums and want to ensure their dependents are taken care of in the event of death. Your policy will cover a pre-determined "term" which is normally one, five or ten years. Your premium payment and death benefits are only during that term. After the term you will have options to continue coverage and have the opportunity to convert to a cash-value life insurance policy.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal life insurance combines cheap term life insurance with a tax-deferred interest accumulating savings account. This life insurance plan provides insurers with death benefit as well as incorporating savings abilities.


Universal life insurance is also known as "flexible premium adjustable life insurance," and gets this term because it is somewhat of a flexible version of cheap whole life insurance. Your insurance company will take a portion of your premiums and invest them in bonds, mortgages and money market funds. You earn the return on said investments which is credited to your policy tax-deferred. You usually receive a guaranteed minimum interest rate which is not dependent upon the performance of your investments so you will always get a certain minimum return on your money. When your investments do well, normally the insurance company will increase your interest rate return.

Death Benefit

You generally have two options when setting-up your universal life insurance policy. One option will pay your death benefit out of your policies accumulated cash value. This policy costs less in premiums, but it can take a while to build up sufficient benefit. The other option will pay you a face value that you agree upon in the contract plus your accumulated cash value. This option cost more in premiums, but you are guaranteed at least a specific amount of money in your death benefit. Most life insurance companies can set your policy up so you will have a no-lapse guarantee as long as you pay your minimum designated premium. The policy could stay in force to age 100 or above. Universal life provides you the flexibility to adjust your death benefit according to your needs allowing you to pay smaller or larger amounts depending on your finances.

Cheap Whole Life Insurance

Cheap whole life insurance policies cover you for life. Generally your death benefit and premium will always stay the same. Cheap whole life insurance builds cash value which is tax-deferred until you decide to withdraw it or borrow against it.

There are different types of cheap whole life insurance. These include traditional, interest-sensitive and single-premium whole life insurance policies.

* Traditional whole life insurance - this policy gives you a guaranteed minimum rate of return on your cash value segment.

* Interest-sensitive whole life insurance - provides a variable rate on your cash value portion which is comparable to an adjustable rate mortgage. This gives you the flexibility with your cheap whole life insurance policy such as increasing your death benefit without increasing your premiums depending on the economy.

* Single-premium whole life insurance - this is great for individuals who have a large sum of money who would like to purchase their policy up front. This cheap whole life insurance policy also accrues tax-deferred cash value.

One of the features that make cheap whole life insurance popular is that a portion of your premium money goes toward your cash value which could pay off your entire policy after a few years. Another advantage is unless you make a change to your cheap whole life insurance policy, you will be covered for life with no future medical exams.

Cheap Term Life Insurance

Cheap term life insurance is great for those individuals who want to protect their family in the event of their death. Cheap term life insurance is often referred to as "pure insurance protection" because there is no cash value like cheap whole life insurance or universal life insurance. Cheap term life insurance also expires at a certain time after either a set number of years or when you reach a certain age.

A medical exam will most likely be required when you are buying cheap term life insurance. Most exams cover height, weight and medical history. Sometimes test results can hinder your ability to get approved for term life insurance or it could potentially increase your rates, but if you are healthy you should be fine.

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